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"Stand next to smart people... Hope it rubs off..."   Done!

My Goal - Problem Solving

I am a freelance programmer and an entrepreneur. I have twenty plus years of experience in the field of computing. My experience spans many platforms, programming languages, and I am an advocate of the open-source world. Uniquely positioned in life, I search for application and service ideas that can be converted into profitable or open-source products. Most important to me is positive energy and accomplishment.

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Artificial Inteligence - Big Data - Data Mining - Embedded Systems - Free Energy - Geo-Everything - GoLang - Linux-Everything - Low Level Programming - Open Source-Everything - Networking / Protocols - Penetration Testing - Web Development


Sun Certified Programmer

Acronym Soup

ASP Hibernate SEM
Adobe Acrobat J2EE SEO
Apache/Tomcat JBoss SOAP
C++ JRun Struts
CSS JSP Subversion - svn
Capistrano Java Script Sun Application Server
CentOS LightTPD (Lighty) Sun ONE Portal
Concurrent Versions System - cvs MS Access Sun Web Server
Crystal Reports Macromedia Flash Ubuntu
Dreamweaver MySQL VBA For Applications
EJB Net Beans Visual Basic
Eclipse Oracle - PL/SQL, Triggers, Stored Procedures, etc Web Services
FacSys Power Builder Windoze (all versions)
Fedora RedHat XHTML
Git - Fast Version Control System Resumix XML
HTTP Ruby On Rails XSLT